Blanc au Blanc. Gareth Pugh AW14

20140227-024036 PM.jpg
Gareth Pugh is the designer that always shocks with his ethereal fashion. This time, he presented one of the best- totally made out from plastic, paper or fur- in one colour… White. Like a mind cleanse, the models wore white sculptural dresses, fur coats, piece of plastic for covering their boobs and Pharrell looking like hats… There was also the wind-it-up look, where the model had a huge key stuck to her back! It’s all a bit fairy-tale, a bit sci-fi (just see that silver polished look that is so dramatic!) and bit chaotic… Bug that’s why Pugh makes the most spectacular (not so about venue) collections coming from Paris.

20140227-024923 PM.jpg

20140227-024929 PM.jpg

20140227-024934 PM.jpg

20140227-024939 PM.jpg

20140227-024950 PM.jpg

20140227-024945 PM.jpg

20140227-025005 PM.jpg

20140227-024959 PM.jpg

20140227-024954 PM.jpg

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