Symphony. Hermes AW14

20140307-100229 PM.jpg
It’s all! The Paris Fashion Week ended, just like the whole fashion month… And as a beautiful ending, here is Christophe Lemaire’s AW14 for Hermes. And, yes, it’s great. A bit sophisticated, a bit masculine- but full of must-have pieces. Like that grey coat or those socks stuffed into the heels… I am really interested nowadays about Lemaire- his seductive, Hitchcockian style for women is romantic and truly Parisienne… And Hermes is the perfect au revoir towards the lovely PFW!

20140307-100641 PM.jpg

20140307-100646 PM.jpg

20140307-100651 PM.jpg

20140307-100657 PM.jpg

20140307-100702 PM.jpg

20140307-100707 PM.jpg

20140307-100713 PM.jpg

20140307-100718 PM.jpg

20140307-100723 PM.jpg

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