Aloha From Deer Pop-Up

20140518-110621 AM-39981087.jpg
Aloha From Deer is the coolest Polish brand ever- it produces awesome 3-D printed sweatshirts made out if cotton. Their pieces like shirt, t-shirts, sweatpants and varsity jackets are kept in very affordable prices and they might be just the clothes you want to wear this Summer! As the label expands, they have just opened a new pop-up store in Stary Browar, the hottest place in Poznan, Poland. With it’s industrial, brick interior, the store offers all of the pieces that you may find on and the iconic Polish furnitures and other YOLO and swag stuff! If you are in Poznan now, the store is working till the end of June… and for the coolest clients, Aloha has a present!

20140518-112021 AM-40821646.jpg

20140518-112032 AM-40832166.jpg

20140518-112048 AM-40848831.jpg

20140518-112050 AM-40850863.jpg

20140518-112111 AM-40871982.jpg

20140518-112113 AM-40873872.jpg

20140518-112129 AM-40889684.jpg

20140518-112127 AM-40887596.jpg

20140518-112145 AM-40905195.jpg

20140518-112142 AM-40902622.jpg

20140518-112213 AM-40933250.jpg

20140518-112212 AM-40932142.jpg

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