Pansies. Christopher Kane Resort’17


Christopher Kane is obsessed with pansies. To this extend that he dedicated his whole resort collection to these small, springish, cheerful flowers. “Pansies are a symbol of freethinking! I like that. I never want to follow trends. Pansies also look like they’ve got cheeky laughing faces. And they’re all these colors because they’re crossbred. And that’s what I’m doing now—crossbreeding my ideas.” Cute. Just like the petal-shaped shoulders of satin dresses, girlish gingham skirts signature, woollen cardigans (in case you want to keep your inner pansy warm during cold, March days). The collection, presented in Kane’s boutique in London, looks back at Chris’ best-selling pieces, his love for flora (which is emphasized nearly each season, from embroideries on biker jackets to neon-yellow lace) and blush baby-Lolita style (see this look with goth-like gloves and a slip-dress. Grunge, but of course drowning in pansy print!). Miranda Priestly used to be skeptical about flowers – but Chistopher Kane really makes florals look ground-breaking for spring.





Collage by me

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