Like Champagne. Area SS18


Area is getting better with time, just like wine. By that, I have no intentions to say that Beckett Fogg‘s and Piotrek Panszczyk‘s label gets boringly mature. It gets fun! And braver! Yesterday’s fashion show was literally a blast – the richness of colours, the frivolity, all that glam in form of bold red dresses and shoulder-exposing tops. The entire show was an extremely bright moment, full of joy and happiness, which is quite rare to see during New York fashion week, where designers mostly send down beiges and whites. And pastels, duh. What I also liked about the show was that every woman might find something for her here – fashion with allure and expression is not for young-only and Insta-models. A laid-back suit (in fluorescent fabric), minis, maxis. Being the Area girl must be a very good, good feeling. Like a glass of summer wine! Or better – out-of-fridge, bubble-exploding champagne. 


Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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