The Joy of Helmstedt

Copenhagen Fashion Week is just around the corner (starting the 6th of August), so here’s a reason to look at one of the most exciting talents coming from the Danish capital. Emilie Helmstedt’s universe is colorful and playful. The concept is rather simple: refining luxurious loungewear and bringing it out of the bedroom. But the effect is more than fantastic. Helmstedt‘s collections are all about silhouettes that are easy to wear, but get you intrigued with their playful prints and colour palette. The garments, always voluminous and relaxed, are a signature in Helmstedt’s world, and with detailing from 30s and 50s loungewear, comfort is key whether you wear it to bed or to a party. The happiness that colors can bring to everyday life works almost like a mantra to the brand’s identity – which is why “charmful” is one of the first words that comes to mind, when you see the textiles, which Emilie creates and produces herself.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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