Fidan Novruzova, In Her Own Words

The moment I discovered Fidan Novruzova on Instagram, I knew I wanted to do a collage with her works. Fantastically exaggerated. Intriguing. And “how in the world does this skirt float in the air” were my very first thoughts on Novruzova’s garments, which surprise with their distorted proportions and eclectic charm. Keep this label on your radar, as I’m sure we will hear about Fidan more than once in the future. Here, the Central Saint Martins graduate describes her first collection in her own words:

“My collection is inspired by my Azerbaijani family who came from a small town, moving to a big Soviet capital and it’s about their transition from being surrounded by the elements of South Caucasian domesticity to the pragmatism of big city everyday life, alongside being strongly influenced by 1980’s Soviet movies.”

“My starting point was a trip to Baku last Christmas where I rediscovered our family archive and sourced all kinds of memorabilia, collected various objects from thrift shops representing the era I was researching, that included an ill fitted  1980’s stripy office shirt and a skirt suit. After extensive draping I’ve developed all the silhouettes and the stripes on the shirt were transformed into something almost resembling animal prints.”

“The outerwear piece from look 7 was a mix of a cape traditionally worn by local shepherds and a trench coat which is considered a ‘metropolitan’ staple. The concrete buttons with the Azerbaijani motifs were my way of making something as classic as a trench coat more personal and special, portraying symbols such as pomegranate, Maiden Tower (a 12th-century monument in Baku), carpet motifs and so on.”

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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