Crista Seya’s Summer

Crista Seya is a Paris-based, lifestyle brand which works against the fashion industry’s schedule (probably other brands will follow their lead in the post-pandemy world that hopefully will happen some time soon…). Cristina Casini and Keiko Seya, the founders, both have worked for years as stylists for publications like L’Officiel, Numéro and i-D. In 2013, the duo decided to launch their own label with an aim to release “editions”, not collections, of around 15 items – specifically, one edition per six months. No overproduction, no hurry – just a pure, creative process which combines highest quality craftsmanship with minimal, French attitude. The newest edition – #14 – is now available on their site and is a perfect spring-transits-into-summer wardrobe. The collection consists of a capsule made in collaboration with Salvatore Piccolo (one of Naples’ finest tailors) and pleases with delightful over-sized pink cotton pyjama shirts, striped shirt dresses with fringed collar and comfortable maxi skirts with stretchy waistband. The edition as well has the most beautiful light cotton caftan, linen-ribbed gilet and handwoven fringed poncho. While in the near future we all foresee home confinement, Crista Seya’s garments might serve right now as ultra-chic loungewear. I especially wouldn’t mind this look!

 Collage by Edward Kanarecki, photos via Crista Seya website.

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