Xiao Li of The Marshmallows!

20130713-093620 PM.jpg
Xiao Li, a Chinese designer of RCA FASHION London is one of the most exciting designer of the year! Her amazing, over large costumes in a marshmalow colour palet are very precised and made in with high technology. Plump pastel silicone garments moulded from knitwear feature in this collection by Royal College of Art graduate Xiao Li. And this knitwear doesn’t look like a simple now, made by a grandma. It’s, I would say, looking like if it was blew up or something.
“Traditional knitwear is more soft and shapeless,” Li told Dezeen. “I wanted to find out a new way to present knitwear and was influenced by Modern architecture and 60s Balenciaga.”
It all sounds pretty sophisticated, but these mind blowing fabrics are very wearable and easy. “I wanted to make sure my collection is innovative but still wearable,” she said. And my fav look is the one with the pink dress with organza bottom- looks stunning. And the boots… Plastic rules!

20130713-094434 PM.jpg

20130713-094442 PM.jpg

20130713-094608 PM.jpg

20130713-094617 PM.jpg

20130713-094627 PM.jpg

20130713-094639 PM.jpg

20130713-094651 PM.jpg

20130713-094701 PM.jpg

20130713-094712 PM.jpg

20130713-094723 PM.jpg

20130713-094731 PM.jpg

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