Tuscany: Villa Mangiacane

20130812-055804 PM.jpgDerived from its ancient name meaning “great dog”, the Mangiacane Estate has been producing wine for centuries, and making the visitors feel like in paradise for years! Here I am for some vacations in warm Tuscany in Italy! The Villa Mangiacane is located in a small town 20 minutes away from Florence, in an amazing place, from where you see even the Basilica of St. Peter! From my huge, huge, huge balcony I see a large Italian forest, whole olive farm and grape orchard, that are used everyday in producing best quality olive oil and wine! Of course the very local wine can be tasted in the Villa’s restaurant and I assure you- it’s delicious.
This magnificent hotel has two beautiful pools, one in a Byzantine style, and other much more modern; there is the main building and the second, one much more beautiful and luxurious, the Villa, that contains of around 10 suites and few penthouses… It’s all a real Dolce Vita, having in mind that you have Portofino, Sienna, Florence and Bologna all in your are!

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20130812-060823 PM.jpg

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