Michał Mrzygłód

20131020-084119 PM.jpg

Today at the amazing fashion fair here in Poznan, Poland, I had a pleasure to meet Michal Mrzyglod, the designer of a fresh label Mrzyglod. This London based label created by this young, amazing designer, is a mixture of street style influence, hi-tech fabrics and Polish folklore cut-outs but are made thanks to laser in Michal’s designs. As he shows his impressive pieces on male model, I would rather say that they are more unisex- definitely they are looking great on women. What I loved in his new collection that I saw today in live at the Hush fashion fair, is the youthful energy, strong colours and the practicality that is thanks to fabrics created by the designer. There is a big use of nowadays hottest material, neoprene and lots of salmon leather attached to sweatshirts and bags. Oh, and the shoes… These look really cosmic! If talking of Polish/London fashion scene, Michal Mrzyglod is the name to watch!

20131020-102955 PM.jpg

20131020-103001 PM.jpg

20131020-103009 PM.jpg

20131020-103016 PM.jpg

20131020-103024 PM.jpg

20131020-103033 PM.jpg

20131020-103042 PM.jpg

20131020-103051 PM.jpg

20131020-103057 PM.jpg

20131020-103106 PM.jpg

20131020-103115 PM.jpg

20131020-103149 PM.jpg

20131020-103210 PM.jpg

20131020-103225 PM.jpg

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