Right Now. Louis Vuitton AW14


So here we are. The excitment is gone. Nicolas Ghesquiere debuted at Louis Vuitton. The ex-designer of Balenciaga is the new ancestor of Marc Jacobs… And even wrote a letter to the guests (see the next pictures). But was it worth to put such ambitious, creative and independent designer to this powerhouse? In reality the collection looked unfortunately like a Balenciaga show (before Alexander Wang came to the house). But, much more tamed of it’s creativity. The clothes looked timeless, but if somebody of LV wouldn’t put the monogram belts and bags into the looks, it would be called out as old, good Balenciaga made by Ghesquiere. The collection felt a bit rock’n’roll (these slim leather trousers) and modern at the same time. It all looked wearable, and these prints really reminded me of something… But the biggest sensation of the show was Petit Malle, or the little trunk. As the name suggests, this bag was a miniature version of classical, Louis Vuitton trunk… and it looked cool. Like the collection. It was very Ghesquiere, but not too Louis Vuitton. It’s hard to say if I am yay or nay… and your opininon?













7 thoughts on “Right Now. Louis Vuitton AW14

  1. I agree, not too sure about it as a début, it seems a little tame but I think he wanted to wipe the slate clean and then develop as he settles in to LV. They are very different brands and I think he understood that in this collection. He has to make the customer trust him and if I was a girl, I’d know that croc vest and knitted skirt combo would make me hot and classy plus those high waisted trousers look perfectly tailored.

  2. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed… For me it was really too retro looking you know?
    I’m used to Nicolas playing around with silhouettes, and for that show, the volumes were very classic.
    The nod to the sixties was too strong for me, something didn’t feel fresh… The good thing in my opinion was how parisian it felt, very french, but apart from the first few very wearable looks (not very exciting but pleasing), I didn’t feel it.

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