HC: Blend of Two. Chanel AW14

20140709-075843 PM-71923173.jpg

Like the dying embers of a baroque world, a gilded mirror hung in a modernist white space above a digitally-flamed fire, at the Chanel Haute Couture show yesterday in Paris. For this collection, Karl Lagerfeld thought of his vision of modernism. White neoprene gowns with baroque embroideries; curvilinear forms of a Le Corbusier building, the cloth moulded in an egg shape around the body, without any side seams; 21st Cinderella dresses; and a strange blend of the famous Paris-Edinburgh & Paris-Dubai collections Karl did earlier this year. The collection in my opinion is a bit normal. And somehow, I prefer couture on heels. Please, no more gladiator sandals! P.s. The last look was shown by Ashleigh Good, the seven month pregnant model. She wore a white cape with splendorous, gold, embroidered back. That moment was the most special in the whole collection.

20140709-080822 PM-72502386.jpg

20140709-080822 PM-72502563.jpg

20140709-080822 PM-72502202.jpg

20140709-080832 PM-72512628.jpg

20140709-080832 PM-72512819.jpg

20140709-080832 PM-72512413.jpg

20140709-080845 PM-72525054.jpg

20140709-080844 PM-72524866.jpg

20140709-080844 PM-72524681.jpg

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