This is Paper


I am constantly discovering new Polish brands which create and produce unique, innovative and beautiful pieces of daily use. This time, I met the Warsaw-based label THIS IS PAPER, which first started with 100% ecologically-made bags and rucksacks, and now is all based on very various items. From knitwear to garden tools and from “raw” homeware to printed magazines, the brand keeps it’s fresh, but simple, high quality level. They create objects which are lasting, keep on being sustainable and well-designed. Launched in 2013 by Aleksander and Zuzanna, the project values timeless over trendy, plain over fancy and less over more. In response to that, THIS IS PAPER decided to curate an online collection of objects that they would be proud to own, designing and collecting items which are made from natural resources. Some of the products they source are from manufacturers and craftsmen in Poland. Others are designed and manufactured by their studio itself, by hand, at THIS IS PAPER Warsaw studio. All of them are made with respect for the Earth’s scarce resources and little concern for passing trends. More on

And here are my favourite objects from their appealing on-line store…Slide2













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