Parisian Chic


Parisian chic has always been an inspiration for designers – but some simply have it in their blood, even if they are not totally from Paris. As I am excited about my Parisian trip which will take place soon, I thought about creating a list of my favourite brands with this famous Parisian attitude.

Celine by Phoebe Philo. The most Parisian of them all. Why? The Celine woman tends to wear black turtleneck dresses with casual, white trainers. Also, this intriguing woman carries her Hobo bag with a chic “so whatever” attitude, giving no s*** whether somebody is going to steal her calfskin wallet. That AMAZING woman is super assertive regarding her beliefs, too, and loves a good book (maybe Patrick Mondiano, for example). Where? You can meet her mostly everywhere in Paris – she might be eating french fries at the fancy L’Avenue or visit Musee d’Orsay for the 2nd time in the month.


Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Although the designer is based in New York, her chic clothes are reflecting Paris. Why? Just look at this outfit. It is so Amelia. A cute pea coat, toned orange midi skirt and comfortable flats. Where? In the Metro Paris. On the Clignancourt flea market.


Crista Seya. Her camel pieces are Parisian essentials. Why? Crista Seya woman feels an aversion towards logos and truly enjoys eponymous labels. Her shoes are made in Argentina while the “travel” bag is always on fleek. However you can’t say that about her outfit – slouchy pantalons, deep layer of knits and over-sized coat. WhereI see her in the Latin Quarter district. It would perfectly suit her lovely messiness.


(Christophe) Lemaire. The wardrobe of a Parisian woman. Why? Lemaire’s collections are concentrated on basics. Well tailored trousers, masculine blazers, soft cashmere sweaters and casual shirts are his essentials. Where? Rue du Saint Honore. Not too fancy and not too modest. Very #treschic!


Haider Ackermann. If Phoebe Philo is the queen of Parisian chic, then Haider is the king. Why? Ackermann is the master of layering. Also, he fuses masculine jackets and trousers with feminine silhouettes (flawless pleated skirts, for example) in a marvelous way. Where? Le Marais district is Haider’s place. Its edginess and off-beat vibe matches the designer’s style in a very good way…


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