Nature Force and Fiorucci. Valentino Pre-Fall’16


Valentino‘s pre-fall 2016 collection delivered by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli feels too good to be just a pre-collection. It has about 85 looks, and each of them tells a different story. The first series of looks were all about a pictorial, vivid scenario of a volcanic eruption – meticulously embroidered mini-dresses were styled with refreshing floral maxi-skirts and electric, blue high-knee boots. The force of nature, which was embraced by the designers this season was continued in the most romantic way – using the traditional, Italian way of fur-painting, the mink coats were blooming with delicate, white flowers. The Astrakhan skirt with fluffy cotton-flowers was genius, too, when styled with a classy, soft knit. However, the collection had its other side – the aim was, to make it span the worlds. The inspiration, as Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo explained in the showroom set up in Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York, was Elio Fiorucci. The Italian designer, who died last year, was  focusing his fashion on influences which came from everywhere. “He was local and global,” said Chiuri, “and we think that fits with the way we work.” Moreover, the designers were drawn to Fiorucci for the 70’s lifestyle he represented in fashion, and his joy of discovery. I must admit, it was really hard to choose only a few, representative looks from this beautiful collection – so here are my definite favourites.







And if you are not familiar with Fiorucci’s pre-Instagram fashion…


He was the first designer to dress Madonna.


Picture 008

His work was captured the essence of Italian opulence and New York’s Warholian energy.



Elio used to have the most provoking advertisements in the industry – sexuality was his favourite element to play with.


  1. I must say that Valentino used to meant red lipstick and rockstars for me, but from fw 2015( I’m not sure i mean this fs in Rome) I feel like its more spiritual and more glamorous. I adore all of their looks during every collection, I’m glad that u make some notes about it. xoxoxo Jane

    • Indeed, the guys at Valentino evolve in good direction! This pre-fall is a favourite of mine, while Mirabilia Romae couture collection was FIRE.
      Cheers, ED XX

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