Pool Party. Thom Browne SS17


Thom Browne is one of the most daring fashion designers in New York. Attending his fashion show is like appearing in an unreal scene. “Fashion is art” statement really does relate to Browne’s creations. For spring-summer 2017, the designer built an incredible venue in an abandoned space in West Chelsea – the walls and floors were covered in multi-coloured tiles, and the guests felt like inside of an empty pool. The common association was right, as the collection had something of a glamorous, pool party galore. Think of the chic, poolside photographs by Slim Aarons in the 50s, when beach life took fashion into the iconic era of jet-set.





Suddenly, the models went out, all dressed in identical over-sized coats embroidered with floral motifs, and matching high-fashion swimming caps. Then, one by one, the models started to take off their coats to reveal the dresses they were wearing under. Trompe l’oeil matches Thom’s subverted ready-to-wear, and it became the season’s synonym. Suits, blazers, shirts with ties – in fact, the guests of the show didn’t see any of that. It was all about a camouflage dress.

So dramatic, and so extraordinary – you can look at this collection from a perspective of a spectacle, and of, yes, a fashion show. Thom Browne is New York’s creative mind.







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