Interstellar. Aalto AW17


Paris-based designers always had a thing for the outer space – for instance, take Paco Rabanne’s and Andre Courrèges’ cosmic fashion from the 60s and 70s. Those designers dreamt of fashion shows being on held on the moon; they wanted their women to walk down the streets in chain-mail dresses or white, patent-leather mini-skirts.  A new wave of designers is moving through the French capital, so do different motifs and reference become refreshed. Tuomas Merikoski of Aalto took his models to a space odyssey, dressing them in distorted duvet jackets and nebula-printed dresses. Some of the looks were truly innovative, like the intriguingly draped dress-shirt hybrids, while others well reflect contemporary style of many designers (suits with random patches and variety of turtleneck combinations might be seen on nearly every single runway this season). Although Aalto’s vision of the ‘future’ wardrobe isn’t as far-fetched as Paco’s, it definitely fits today’s fashion norms.


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