Ceremony of Separation. Comme des Garçons AW15


Rei Kawakubo’s collections are always full of interpratations. Last time, it was all about red and it’s meaning. Now, it’s about black and white – but in a very metaphoric way. White – life. Black – death. Kawakubo went further and brings human’s biggest problem and fear into one, “painful” collection. The garments, made of many tones of white and black lace, had little, childish dresses embroidered on – disturbing and eerie at first sight. The serene and ghostly models moved slowly down the runway, and as they passed each other, a sad look was exchanged. As we usually “close” ourselves when we feel grief, every model had a hardened lace veil covering the faces or they were obscured by a sculptural cocoon by the master of hair-sculptures, Julien d’ys.

The collection made the guests of the show forget thinking whether “this will sell” or not. Everybody looked at the whole “ceremony” through their hearts and feelings. Rei Kawakubo proves again, that she is more than a fashion designer. She’s a poet which makes the emotions rage.












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