Technology Attack. Junya Watanabe AW15


Junya Watanabe is considered as one of the most modernistic designer of our times. This season, he prepared another break-out which seems to be out of this world – thanks to high technology and Tomihiro Kono’s help, the AW15 season for the designer means the importance of maths. Isamaya Ffrench doodled mathematical equations onto the arms, legs and necks of the models while Tomihiro Kono created angular foam sculptures to sit on the top of their heads. The two Japanese geniuses worked together to create fashion in new dimension. The capes made out of hexagonal, laser & hand – cut textiles were fixed and improved for more than three months – it took a lot of time calculating its durability. If talking of the alien head-pieces, Kono approves – that was a hard thing to do. “I started to calculate the circumference using the diameter…it was like studying maths back at school. I made a column for the base of the head-pieces and then added some hair-wings in a radial pattern.” Definitely, science and fashion get closer and closer together each season…









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