Men’s – Irony of a Man. Yohji Yamamoto AW16


Yohji Yamamoto staged an elusive, but powerful collection for the autumn-winter 2016 season. The Japanese designer, who is known for his intellectual, yet sometimes difficult to understand garments, presented a collection which defines today’s masculinity. It might be an old-school, macho guy wearing a tank-top to show off his triceps; there is also the family man, who enjoys comfortable, soft knits. And let’s not forget about the boy who looks good in a man-skirt, which is basically a pocketed sheath covering a pair of woolen combats. Moreover, this meaningful collection was focused on the ironic, hand-stitched signs: “Corporate Motherfuckers” read the slogan on the back of a bumpy, cotton shirt. Then, “The only woman I know is my mother”, and “Help me I’m too hot”. Was this the next, Paris fashion week protest towards the global matters? After a wave of press’ questions, Yohji laughed, saying “It’s a kind of joke”. Whatever all of that means, this collection, based its beauty in its chaos, and in the abstract world of Yamamoto.







  1. Lov’n the contemporary take on the black n white brogues in the first pic. The fabrics have wonderful texture combinations. p.s. Where may I meet men with this attitude? ;-)

    • I am asking this question myself… Le Marais or the Latin Quarter in Paris might be a hint :)
      XX ED

  2. I think it’s one of the sexiest and most appealing collections coming from this designer ever!

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