Tulle as Women’s Best – Friend. Molly Goddard AW16


Molly Goddard‘s girlie, pastel-pink tulle frocks are not only the street-style phenomena, but also a new, essential addition to women’s wardrobe. You might think that a tulle dress might be only destined for an eternal-ballerina soul – but the London-based brand, which produces each of their pieces by hand, proves that this sweet and light textile is also for the everyday princesses. Molly doesn’t rest on laurels, though – for the autumn-winter 2016 presentation, which featured her diverse model casting, she looked forward towards new, risky fields of her feminine fashion – together with her dreamy fairy dresses, we had an orange taffeta skirt, floral corduroy mini-dress and even those lovely, transparent lilac tunics which obscured the soft, satin pants. But what really left everybody in awestruck was the elegant black gown with shoulder exposing sleeves (below) and the impressive, pink ball-dress which was sewn from approximately 40 metres of tulle (above). I must admit that I have never liked or appreciated tulle – but the stuff Molly does is stunning.






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