Mum Knows Best. Christopher Kane AW16


Things are so normal these days,Christopher Kane concluded after his autumn-winter 2016 fashion show. “So why not think out of the box?” After the New York Fashion Week, where everything blurred between shades of beige and black, London Fashion Week booms with colour and lifey attitude, and Christopher Kane’s experimental outing is the best proof for that. The woman, who infinitely inspires Chris is his mother – and this season, the tied-under-the-chin plastic rain hats (made in collaboration with Stephen Jones) were a nod to the embarrassing moments when Kane’s mum picked him up from school in one of these. But, as it’s visible – the unsung tendency became London’s obsession. However, the whole “edginess” of this collection was focused on the clothes, which have an uncommon sex-appeal. Note the stripes of tan pleather and sheer black lace dresses, and the not so average florals applied on the transparent textiles. The chaotically scattered feathers on over-sized pants and masculine coats appeared to be another thing that made this collection so strangely attractive. Of course, it can’t be all just so arty and abstract – the designer slightly bites the dust with the voluminous “K” knits, but that’s understandable – something needs to be a sure best-seller, even though we’ve got dozens of desirable pieces here.







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