Ready to Wear. A Détacher SS17


New York is the only city out of the big, four fashion capitals, which is a home to designers and creatives of Mona Kowalska‘s league. Brands like A Détacher aren’t based in London, Paris or Milan for a reason – their attitude just wouldn’t fit there. Kowalska’s eponymous label, which is sold in her flagship store and at few selected boutiques in the USA, is quintessence of New York style, even if this sounds like a total cliché. It’s far from pretentious and boring, but close to functional and personal. Most of all, A Détacher’s collections are created for women, who love fashion, and LIVE their lives. Those clothes, opposing any current trends, are literally “ready to wear” – and they become an organic part of a wardrobe. For spring-summer 2017, Mona delivered a collection filled with bold pieces waiting for their unique wearers. Take the knee-length, blush-pink hoodie – it’s not here because of Vetements, and the entire streetwear thing. A Détacher hoodie, with a lace skirt under, is above that. Densely layered knit looks continue to be the labels’ best-kept secret, and its a favourite styling trick among Kowalska’s fans. The season’s biggest highlight is the introduction to new denim pants. The silhouettes are loose-fitting, all in good, old blue wash. Love.








Collage by me (as usual), feauturing Kasia Korzeniecka‘s brilliant water painting print. 

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