Raise The Glass. Maryam Nassir Zadeh SS17


After a month of fashion, fashion and once again, fashion, the days after the last shows in Paris  feel like the most idyllic moment for the fashion industry. Also, it’s the time to reflect on the season, and review much quieter, yet equally brilliant collections from off-the-radar designers. Maryam Nassir Zadeh‘s spring-summer 2017 was presented at the beginning of warm September in a West Village gallery, and it was rather a downtown brunch with friends (including Ana Kraš, Mari Giudicelli, Oroma Elewa and other MNZ girls) than a fashion show. Zadeh’s women sat at a table piled with fruits and Mediterranean ceramics, and later on started to smash the plates and vases on the floor. No, it wasn’t an art performance; metaphorically, the designer was raising a glass to the success of her brand, her boutique, and creative women, who surround her on daily basis.

The collection is a dream wardrobe for summer. Loosely fit silhouettes and on-the-go styling tricks; sensual, sheer skirts and leather bras; gorgeous denim skirts and lovely beige palette. Maryam is the designer who proudly represents eponymous New York style. It results in the designer’s origins, and maybe the city’s melting-pot culture. Or, it’s just about the idea of making affordable, yet high quality clothes for women in any age. The presentation also celebrated the brand’s debut bag. It’s a hand-woven tote in mint-green. One thing is guaranteed – it will sell fast, in this and any other colour.










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