Ageless. Simone Rocha AW17


For her autumn-winter 2017 fashion show, Simone Rocha wanted to clearly cater the fact that her clientelle spans from 20-something girls to 80-year old dames. As she told Sarah Mower of Vogue, “I’ve been reflecting on who I am. I’ve been building this identity, and I want it to be inclusive, for mothers, daughters, and granddaughters.” That’s why she tapped Jan de Villeneuve, Benedetta Barzini, Cecilia Chancellor, Adwoa Aboah and Jaimie Bochert to walk the show – model stars of both, the 60s and 2017. The effect? One of the biggest statements of the season: age really is just a number for fashion. Dress however you want, regardless of your age. The clothes were classic Rocha, tough – fluffy fur inserts and accessories, spacey coats, heavily embellished floral dresses, sheer fabrics. And I’m fine with that, because they look brilliant, as usual.


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