Berlin: The Celine Pre-Fall

20130726-102559 AM.jpg
In the new Celine section in Kadewe, Berlin, the Pre-Fall collection arrived. Well, should say that on pictures all these clothes and shoes look real good- but live- and mostly the shoes!- it all looks horrible. First of all, the lacquered shoes with gold plate on it are very hard. The plate is additionally removable, and it looks like a typical men’s shoes! The black/white wedges are also a tragedy! The rubber wedge is made definitely from a tire or something because the odour from it is saw disgusting! The only cool thing was the thatched hat from the collection that is made in France! It is saw French! And stylish! But still, very not practical.

20130726-104514 AM.jpg

20130726-104525 AM.jpg

20130726-104542 AM.jpg

20130726-104704 AM.jpg

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