Men’s – Wedding Guy. Pigalle SS17


We’ve seen nearly everything during the three weeks of men’s fashion this month. But if talking of a venue, Pigalle nailed it to the fullest in Paris. Wedding theme is nothing new in fashion, considering bride dresses and all-white haute couture gowns – but a fashion show, presented as a casual wedding? That’s quite uncommon. Stephane Ashpool set his spring-summer 2017 show at the Musée de Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, precisely in its beautiful, old-fashioned garden. Live band music, guests  drinking champagne, a dose of Parisian fashion – a wedding you would rather want to come to, without a pretentious ‘nay’. “The first time I got dressed elegantly was for the wedding of my parents when I was seven years old,” wrote Ashpool in the show notes. “I was very touched by the party, the champagne, the outfits, the mood… I had been looking forward to enjoying it as well! In love with an angel, tonight is a celebration of what we all appreciate the most in this world: free love.

Pigalle’s signatures were present this season, like basketball clothing-infused tailoring, however all in pastel pink, light lilac, and of course, white. Don’t think that a Pigalle guy will wear trainers for a wedding – instead, he might choose pool sliders and Nike trainers, styled with matchy socks. At the end of the show, with models strolling around the garden in their quilted bombers and satin shirts, Pigalle and his girlfriend appeared. They kissed each other, and they stole the spotlight instantly. LOVE.

This feeling I do my best to feed all the time motivated me to create a collection around the theme of a wedding. More comfortable in the creation and technically, this eleventh collection is an interpretation of how I see my witnesses. I hope to be able to give you a hug after the show, and wish you all a good time.






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