Men’s / Heroic. Rick Owens SS18


Heroic garments need exposure – that’s why Rick Owens took his models to an elevated runway, which spanned above a Parisian courtyard. Although the city was going through a heat wave that day, Owens sent a line of voluminous trousers and fluid-like tank-tops. Some of the guys carried huge, cuboid pouches, while others wore lengthy coats. As usual, it was all about the silhouette: the designer is known for his unique skills in draping and sculpting clothes. Finding beauty in the odd counts to Owens, whether he means diverse model casting or creating his own avantgarde. “I’m seeing this kind of normality in the world that’s being lionised and deified and personally that is my personally refrain in life, ‘I need a freak’. I need somebody to make effort and it needs to be rare and not banal and not prosaic or conventional,” he told Dazed. Meaningful.

Slide1-kopia 4Slide3-kopiaSlide2-kopia 3Slide4-kopia

Collage by Edward Kanarecki (backdrop from Maïmouna Guerresi’s ‘The Giants’ series).

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