Modern Dark Age. GmbH AW18


We started thinking that the time we’re living in feels like ‘the modern dark ages,‘” said Benjamin Alexander Huseby, one part of the GmbH‘s duo. “How do we protect ourselves?” Together with Serhat Isik, the label that originates from Berlin asks important questions regarding global issues, and answers them with clothes. There was something very ‘protective’ about the autumn-winter 2018 garments the couple presented at an industrial, graffitied overhang in Paris. Chainmail tank-tops; dirt-bike gloves; motocross silhouettes; structural biker jackets. Some of the pieces were ornamented with meticulous thread-work. “We developed these embroideries as a coat of arms, in a way. We took this plant, a stinging nettle, which is kind of unruly and unwanted and slightly aggressive—it grows everywhere that you don’t want it to,” said Isik, with Huseby adding: “Which relates to this otherness that we can feel. The others, the immigrants, not wanted.” Although there was a glimpse of bold yellow (in form of a loosely fit sweatshirt), the collection was kept in greys, navy and melancholic, dark green.

Slide1-kopia 3Slide2Slide3Slide4Slide5Slide6

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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