Mind Shifting. Balenciaga SS19


Before mentioning the clothes, lets talk about Balenciaga‘s spring-summer 2019 venue that was, simply speaking, groundbreaking. Demna Gvasalia wanted to transport his guests into a sort of brain flow, a digital mind. The project – a tunnel filled with constantly changing, sci-fi animations – wouldn’t come together if the Georgian designer didn’t meet Jon Rafman, digital artist, at Art Basel. This collaboration resulted in the audience so stunned, that many couldn’t leave their seats minutes after the show ended. “My work explores new technologies and how our society, our consciousness, our interrelationships have changed,” Rafman told Vogue. He and Gvasalia collaborated at a distance, with full creative freedom given to the artist. The collection itself was as multi-faceted as Rafman’s art installation. It was the perfect balance between Gvasalia’s understanding of contemporary wardrobe and Cristobal Balenciaga’s design heritage. “I wanted to take a lot of things that are in our vocabulary, but give it this new dimension of elegance,” Demna said backstage. No sneakers this season, but a line-up of extraordinary dress-shaping (see the closing looks) and incredible tailoring. All kept in bold, even eye-scratching colours. “We challenged ourselves to make tailoring for today’s generation. How can they wear a suit—which they never do?” he explained. Get ready for shirt-jackets with matching trousers, fit for all genders. “It’s like a jogging suit, but it looks super-elegant in shape. There’s no obligation to wear a shirt and tie, because the jacket has become the shirt. Somehow, this is what I want to wear myself.” Innovative, intelligent, a bit hilarious, yet wearable, that’s what Balenciaga is this season. And, to be honest, that’s Gvasalia’s best collection in a while.


Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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