About Falling In Love. Sies Marjan AW19

Seven seasons in, and Sies Marjan is one of New York fashion week’s most anticipated brands. The autumn-winter 2019 show was a moment, mainly because of the venue that looked like some sort of cosmic, or rather magical, space. The darkened setting brought a mysterious aura, while the floor, covered with millions of Swarovski crystals, was quite something. Are we on a crystal moon? A witch tent? The clothes were equally appealing with their gorgeous colour palette (Sander Lak‘s specialty) and charming allure. This season,  the designer wondered about falling in love and having a relationship – with his brand. Relationships tend to fluctuate, and Lak realised that through working with colours and materials he usually tries to avoid. “I really challenged myself,” he said. “I was totally over neon, but I wanted this season to grab it again and see if I could make myself fall in love with it again. We used a lot of lace too, and I hate lace, I never liked lace. But I really liked the idea of how can I make myself fall in love with this thing that’s not something I organically go toward.” The result? A line-up of gorgeous eveningwear that’s feminine, yet not banal. The black dress – a first ever from Sies Marjan – was another unprecedented highlight. “Black is something I’m not comfortable with at all in clothes,” said Lak. “That was the hardest dress to make.” The pleated lamé number looked outstanding, even if the way to it was a struggle. But then, every relationship has its ups and downs.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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