Ethereal. Mame Kurogouchi SS20

Hello Paris! First up is Maiko Kurogouchi‘s name-sake label, Mame Kurogouchi, which I really think you should note down and remember for the future. Kurogouchi draws from the technical skills she honed at Issey Miyake and her passion to preserve Japan’s long history of handcraft. There’s a transcendental romanticism and spiritualism to her work, which feels uniquely Japanese in its ties both to nature and centuries-old craft traditions. For spring-summer 2020, the designer based her line-up on a beautiful shade of emerald green, and created floating, multi-layered garments that are couture-level when seen up-close. Floral embroideries were worn with over-sized mesh frocks, skirts were hand knitted and pants had these little, adorable fluffy details. It’s visible that Kurogouchi makes extraordinary fabrics her priority. Just take a glance at the closing look’s jacket, which remind you of some ethereal, jelly-fish-like creature. Can’t wait to see how what’s next for Maiko.

Slajd1-kopia 8Slajd2Slajd3Slajd4-kopia 3Slajd5-kopia 2


Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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