If Mendini was REI.

zdjęcie 2Yesterday in the evening I was viewing my old photographs from New York, just you know, for pleasure. But pleasure changed into inspiration. I found a small pic of a Mendini sculpture that is located in the METropolitan Museum of Art. The colours, shape just stunned me. I was like, Oh my this Alessandro Mendini things is amazing. I took out my book about this designer that I bought in NY, and was like again, Oh my this is incredible. Yes, Alessandro Mendini is a amazing designer from Italy, that was not designing anyrhing functual but just beautiful and experimental. He used some extraordinary creatures on his furnitures and strong colours everywhere! He was bored with our greay existence, and decided to do something nobody else before. But, now, you for sure ask a queston, why is a Comme des Garcons AW13 show snap doing on this post? Because my quirky imagination thought of this crazy collection and Mendini’s designs together! Rei Kawabuko is Comme des Garcons designer from the beginning, and her clothes are like a origami- always aestethical and sophisticated. This season was about making a mascuine jacket an origami. Sounds strange. But as you see, looks great! And the prints plus forms are so similar to Mendini’s! Wow! Slide1-kopia 11zdjęcie 3-kopia 3_CDG1561.450x675Slide7-kopiazdjęcie 3-kopiaSlide8-kopiazdjęcie 4-kopiaSlide6-kopia 2zdjęcie 1Slide5-kopia 4zdjęcie 4Slide4-kopia 5_CDG1533.450x675Slide3-kopia 6zdjęcie 5Slide2-kopia 8zdjęcie 1-kopia

Would love to hear what you think!

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