Modern Frida. Celine SS15


Phoebe Philo of Celine always does unexpected. After furry birkenstocks, orange muffs and Brassai inspired silhouettes, now it’s the time for… the modern woman. Celine’s modern woman reminds Frida Kahlo- strong, brave, provocative. She feminine, but wears masculine trousers and coats. She likes fringes, but without madness. She thinks colours, but tones them with black and white. She knows herself well, and knows what to cover and what to uncover. In other words, the SS15 collection is mix of everything Philo achieved up to now. We had some 60’s floras, we had long dress, we had trousers that in reality became skirts. And the new IT bag- the Curve. It’s sharp and architectural. Just like the cut-out tops with circle that exposed shoulders. But also, there was one thing I totally didn’t understand- the swiss cow bells worn as necklaces. I seriously don’t get it. But well, some things are getting more clear after sometime. That was surely one of the most experimental collection by Celine. But it truly explained the Celine woman.










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