Impeccable. The Row Resort 2024

Those The Row outings the Olsen twins bring to Paris Fashion Week are impeccable. They are the peak of sophistication, understated luxury and intriguing tailoring, but as well much-needed moments of serenity after nearly a month of constant fashion influx. They also serve as a reminder that longevity resulting from great design and top-notch quality is so much better and more rewarding than the dumb pursuit after newness – which often in contemporary fashion feels rather flat than truly innovative. To the tune of hypnotic 1979 goth anthem “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s latest offering was presented in a chic hôtel particulier. There was a beautiful opening of all-black looks in the form of The Row’s new coat shape, double breasted, tailored with a wide shouldered ease, a scarf-like panel dropping over one sleeve. Appropriately enough, evening got in on the act too; for some time now there has been the incisive way they’ve been experimenting with all sorts of folding and draping, best seen here on a strapless black ensemble, with sleeves wrapped to cinch the waist. That the Olsens are committed to all manner of creative construction was underscored by so much of that sumptuous outerwear, particularly a (yet another) black coat, masculine and classic in shape, but with the surprise of the shoulder construction was tacked onto the shoulders. Though not everything was dark, dark, dark. Sensational color would appear every now and again: an eau de nil evening dress, magically created out of what looked like interwoven ribbons; a classic clutch coat in vermillion.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.
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