Maximalism. Mary Katrantzou SS19

Slajd1-kopia 5

In London, it’s the season of anniversaries. It’s not only Victoria Beckham who celebrates her 10 years of business, but as well Mary Katrantzou, the Greek designer who exactly in 2008 stormed the industry with her kaleidoscopic, bold prints. One would expect to see a remix of her greatest hits, but Katrantzou pushed the envelope and didn’t go the ‘easy’ way. For this delightful collection (which I consider her best in a while), Mary took favourite prints she used throughout her career, and re-made them in the most couture way. Postcard stamps, butterflies, perfume bottles, jewellery, flowers and many other trademarks of her visual language were transformed into meticulous embroideries and embellishments that covered long-sleeved mini-dresses, tulle ball-gowns, romantic capes and  elegant flares. Once you see the details, you will be instantly in awe with all that stunning, mind-blowing beauty. Maximalism has always been Katrantzou’s best friend, but this season it seems to be a grand love affair. In the end of the show, after the “collection of collections” was presented, the curtain in the middle of the venue went up and an army of mannequins appeared. The guests could revisit Mary’s most major moments, from her gorgeous MA collection to that memorable type-writer dress in red from 2012. Well, what else is left to say. Wishing the designer next, and next, and next decades of success in fashion!


Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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