Village Life. Jacquemus AW19

Simone Porte Jacquemus’ sun-drenched Frenchness is a phenomenal success on international scale – think big straw hats, over-sized baskets and draped shirtdresses ready for a Côte d’Azur adventures. Still, the designer doesn’t rest on laurels, and smartly took a slightly different direction this season. Not that he parted ways with his French girl – I doubt this will ever happen, since she’s the core of his brand. But he finally took her out of the beach. In a French village set-up, with faux fruit stores and all, Jacquemus sent a line-up of boldly colored looks that are actually ready for (not too) cold weathers. Coats in fuchsia, yellow and abstract checks; laid-back tailoring and shirting in rustic prints; knitted dresses. The Jacquemus girl wears heels, but isn’t afraid of knee-length rubber boots. Bags are the brand’s growing business, so there’s no wonder why we’ve got so many new additions. The double-bum-bag worn on the waist; the meme-worthy, super tiny handbag that might fit a few coins, a black card, a cigarette and maybe, who knows, a condom (sorry, that was my main thought when I saw them!); an enormously big shoulder bag that will definitely fit everything, even a hundred of the mini bags I mentioned two lines above. Jacquemus doesn’t take big risks, true, but he continues to amuse. Consistence with a spark of surprise is the key.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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